A Real Life Story Reblog

The Real Life Story

This story intrigued me because it involves real life problems. The storyteller was leaving a restaurant with her friends when she saw a crying little girl sitting on the sidewalk. She was selling books on the side of the street to make money. Some of the woman’s friends bought books. The group gave her 500 Indian Rupee, which is roughly $7.79,  all together to give her some sort of support to buy food or something., which made her really happy. The women asked the guard outside of the restaurant, if the girl was always there and he said yes she only sits there and cries when people do not buy her books. The storyteller includes her thoughts on if the girl desperately needed the money or if her parents set her up for it, but either way concluded the right way. “Please help other no matter why they are doing this and helping other never going to make you poor, but definitely it will help them and make you and smile.” Is how the storyteller ended the article, which made me happy because helping other people does not just help the person in need, but also yourself. I would buy books and give money to the poor if I was in a situation like this. I mean I hope the money everyone gives away to the homeless is used in the right way, but you cannot control what happens when it’s not your money anymore.


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